Korea big news

now a day Korea president is be noted.Because of Choi soon sill.Choi soon sill is very bad person because she said something to Korea president to get money.And Korea president do what she said.Choi soon sill daughter is name is Jeong yula. she graduated school with money and she also graduated University with money.Her mom Choi soon sill gave money to University Teacher her daughter get A for sexual.If Choi soon sill want to get money she will say to Korea president and Korea president will do bad thing to give her money.But now Choi soon sill in prison for that and Korea president is impeached.


About me

hello,my name is Seo Min Je from Korea.  I am 15 years old.  I am Korea international school student.At mt family have three person me,my mother and my father.Now i am living at Vietnam Hanoi because my father works in Vietnam.I come to Vietnam 9 years ago.I like to watching TV or playing computer games.My hobby is playing basketball or playing games.      If i be older i want do be a famous YouTuber.

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